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Smyrna Pulmonary and Sleep Associates, PLLC was established by Dr. Prakash Patel in 2006.  Our team specializes in Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine.  Our mission is to provide the best form of care using a multi-disciplinary approach to give an accurate picture of your current condition.  Our team of providers includes board certified physicians and certified nurse practitioners. We look forward to being part of your healthcare.

What patients say About
Smyrna Pulmonary & Sleep Associates

  • My name is Debbie and I just wanted to take the time to tell people of the great benefits of CPAP. When I was first seen here at the clinic I was having high blood pressure and I was so tired I could not get through one day without being so tired. I could not work and go home to do everyday things. My heart was beating at 32% and now it is over 40%! CPAP has totally changed my life! I would refer anyone to this clinic!

  • Dear Dr. Patel,
    I was referred to your office from Dr. Paul Jackson's office in Murfreesboro, TN. When I was contacted by Warren he was able to get me in for an office visit immediately. My office visit was pleasant and the staff was warm and friendly. When I was scheduled for the PAP NAP I arrived at the Murfreesboro clinic but to my surprise I was a day early. I was greeted by Warren and he didn't turn me away but educated me on the power of treatment and how much it affects your quality of life. Warren spoke so clear and with such great PASSION. He could have turned me away or anything but he didn't. Warren walked me through different steps of how this could change your life with the different medical conditions that I was experiencing. It is good to know that people still care about others. Words cannot express how grateful and blessed I am to be under the care of Dr. Patel and the staff that he has. I was so excited and feel a lot better after being under the care of Smyrna Pulmonary & Sleep Associates and the Sleep Center and Clinic. I have referred my spouse because I know that he will receive the same care that I have.
    Thanks so much!!!!

  • My name is Todd. I have severe sleep apnea. I was falling asleep everywhere I went, including while driving. I don't have any insurance and could not get any help without bankrupting me. I inherited a CPAP machine from a friend that had recently died. I went tried to get it programmed, and the other facility didn't want to really help me and had my settings way too low as I would find out. It made my sleep even worse.
    I was doing some work in Tennessee driving a 10,000 lb. forklift when I fell asleep and almost fell out, which would have killed me. I decided that I couldn't go on like this. I have a local friend there that knows a lot of people in the medical field. I came to him with my problem. He hooked me up with Smyrna Pulmonary and Sleep Associates. I immediately felt welcomed there. Warren Brent took me in one of the rooms and told me everything I didn't know about my condition. (I even dozed off a little while he was talking). I learned so much that day. Once they hooked me up to the CPAP, I instantly fell into a deep sleep. Once I woke up I couldn't believe how great I felt. I thought I had been asleep for an hour or so. Come to find out it was only 15 minutes. They put me on a loaner machine for 2 weeks. I had never felt better. Naomi reprogrammed my CPAP to the right settings.
    The friendliness that I experienced there was like no other place I have experienced. I don't fall asleep anymore except bedtime. I feel like a whole new person. And I have lost 20 lbs. so far. It has forever changed my life. Thank you Warren and Naomi and everyone there for running such a great facility and saving people's lives. I can't thank you enough.